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The Worldwise Travellers Health Hub service is available to all travellers including:

  • Sports teams

  • School groups

  • Backpackers

  • Business travellers

  • Families

  • Solo travellers

  • Tropical getaways

  • Adventure holidays (scuba diving, trekking, mountain biking)

The Worldwise Travellers Health Hub Team will help you with:

  • Occupational health vaccinations

  • Travel advice

  • Vaccinations including Yellow Fever

  • Food and water safety

  • Insect avoidance

  • Sexual health safety

  • Personal safety and insurance

  • Altitude related sickness

  • First aid kits including medications

  • Water purification information.

  • Antimalarial advice.

  • We stock a wide variety of Travel related products.

  • Post Travel Management of illness in the unwell, returned Traveller.

  • Maritime NZ Safety Medicals

  • Heavy Transport Medicals

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