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Travel Vaccination FAQs

When should I book my appointment?

Appointments should be had 4–6 weeks prior to travel departure. It’s never too early to see us about your travel health needs and some vaccination series take longer than a month to complete. When you know your travel itinerary simply complete our Travel Health Questionnaire.

Do I have to complete a Travel Health Questionnaire?

All individual travellers need to complete a separate questionnaire. Once we have reviewed your questionnaire we will contact you to arrange the appointment.

What should I bring to the appointment?

  • Your health information

  • Your full itinerary outlining the areas you are visiting, type of accommodation, activities and a list of your current medications.

  • A list of your current medications, any travel vaccinations you have had previously as well as when your last tetanus booster was.

What happens at the appointment?

We will discuss the vaccinations and agree on what is best for you, then administer them. We also discuss all other potential health, safety and wellness issues relevant to your trip and provide you with prescriptions if required e.g. malaria prevention, traveller’s diarrhoea, motion sickness and more. If you need additional doses of a vaccine e.g. rabies, you’ll require another visit but only pay the cost of the vaccines, not another consultation charge.

What if I can’t remember what vaccinations I’ve had in the past?

Immunity to some vaccines can last for many years. It’s helpful to know what you’ve had to determine if you need additional vaccine or just a booster. The more information you have could save you extra cost and time.

How long is the appointment?

Travel Health consultations are normally 45 minutes to 60 minutes per person.

How much will it cost?

For a full list of our charges and vaccines please see our please see our Price List. There are additional charges for each additional family member and each vaccination will also have a separate charge. Full payment is required on the day of consultation.

Can I just phone the practice to find out what I need?

No - it is important that we gather all relevant information at an appointment. The advice and vaccinations we recommend are determined by all aspects of your itinerary and medical history. Many factors are considered so it’s not as simple as listing vaccines.

Our service also includes advice on:

  • Risks and latest health alert updates for the destination areas

  • Safety and security issues

  • Food and water safety

  • Food and vector-borne diseases

  • Antimalarial information

  • Travel insurance • Transportation, e.g. In-flight safety

  • Travel-related first-aid advice

  • Medical kit • Altitude sickness (AMS)

  • Advice related to your current health and wellness issues

  • Children’s and women’s health issues where appropriate

How long do vaccinations last?

The table below outlines the usual approximate duration of protection once the vaccination course is complete. For some vaccines, the duration of protection is uncertain:

Vaccination Type

Protection Duration

Chicken Pox

10 years (Possibly life)

Cholera (Oral Vaccine)

2 years


10 years

Flu Vaccine (Fluvax)

1 year

Hepatitis A (Vaqta / Havrix / Twinrix)

Full series – life

Japanese B Encephalitis

3 years

Measles, Mumps, Rubella

15 years (Possibly life)

Meningitis (Menomune / Mencevax

1-3 years

Pneumonia (Pneumovax)

5 years (Possibly life)

Polio (IPV)

10 years (Possibly life)

Rabies (Pre exposure)

10 years (Possibly life)


10 years


3 years

Yellow Fever


Are there any side effects?

Most people can work, drive a car, play sport or go to the gym following vaccinations. We do recommend on the day to 'take it easy' but modern vaccines cause less problems. Any vaccine can cause rare and less common reactions. Each recommended vaccine, its benefits and possible side effects, will be discussed with you at your initial consultation.